Irish Legal Market 2018: Lawyer Engagement and Salary Report

The Aperture Partners Group is a human capital advisory firm, with functions across search, assessment and advisory. We engage with clients along the entire employment life cycle.

Employees are every company’s most precious resource. Our recent survey of just under 700 respondents was crafted and carried out with a view to gaining statistically significant, data driven information around employee’s current situations, as well as providing meaningful insight for the future. The survey was made up of queries surrounding contacts’ demographics including their age and gender, as well as more specific work-related questions around their career sectors and the length of their daily work commute. Questions were also included surrounding respondents’ anticipations regarding salary increases and promotions, and whether they would consider moving to a new role in 2018. Respondents were also asked to rank compensation, promotion prospects, flexibility and commute time, in order of importance, when evaluating a new or current role (please see The Irish Legal Market – Lawyer Engagement and Salary Survey Report 2018).

Equipped with this information, companies can identify their own characteristics and benefits, where they sit in the market, and how they differentiate themselves from competitors. Leveraged effectively, this knowledge can help to attract, engage and retain talent as well as drive improved financial figures and performance.

As the Irish legal market becomes increasingly internationalized, the demand for legal talent grows. At Aperture Partners, we work with clients along the entire employment lifecycle, providing search, assessment and advisory services. Working with Aperture Partners means connecting to professional networks on a global scale. Our people are embedded within their given practice areas providing a truly aligned and integrated approach to all assignments.

The Irish Legal Market – Lawyer Engagement and Salary Survey Report 2018

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