Ireland Works: The Employee Engagement Survey 2018

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Employees are every company’s most precious resource. Our recent survey of over 600 respondents was crafted and carried out with a view to gaining statistically significant, data driven information around employee’s current situations, as well as providing meaningful insight for the future (Aperture Partners – Ireland Works Report 2018). Equipped with this information, companies can identify their own characteristics and benefits; where they sit in the market, and how they differentiate themselves from competitors. Leveraged effectively, this knowledge can help to attract, engage and retain talent as well as drive improved financial figures and performance.

Some of the most interesting statistics:
68% of the overall sample would consider moving job in 2018;
83% of millennials expect a salary increase in contrast to only 74% of the overall sample;
Out of the entire sample, millennials are the least likely group to consider a move in 2018;
35-44 y/o respondents the most likely to consider a move at 71%;
Only 51% of millennials surveyed stated that they are offered flexible working conditions as opposed to 64% of older respondents even though the study found that those offered flexibility are less likely to consider moving jobs;
Millennials are the only group in the survey to rank promotion prospects higher than flexibility; and
62% of respondents felt that Brexit will have a neutral impact on their career with only 16% of respondents stating that they felt it would have a negative impact on their careers.

The survey was made up of queries surrounding contacts’ demographics including their age and gender, as well as more specific work-related questions around their career sectors and the length of their daily work commute. Questions were also included surrounding respondents’ anticipations regarding salary increases and promotions, and whether they would consider moving to a new role in 2018. Respondents were also asked to rank compensation, promotion prospects, flexibility and commute time, in order of importance, when evaluating a new or current role.

After compiling and analysing the data an expert panel was assembled to discuss the findings in front of an audience of over 100 attendees. It consisted of Declan Noone, Adjunct Professor at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, David Bowles Director of Delta Partners, Richard Liddington, LinkedIn EMEA Talent Acquisition, and Kate McCormack, Behavioural Psychologist, Aperture Partners.

For a copy of the report, please see here: Aperture Partners – Ireland Works Report 2018

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