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Psychometric assessments measure individuals’ motivation, attitude and behavioural styles in the workplace. The aim is to evaluate behavioural traits and performance and to better assess the likelihood of a person succeeding in a particular role. At Aperture Partners we utilise a combination of recognised global leading Psychometric Assessment tools and in-house/consultant Behavioural Psychologists, to partner with client organisations to support hiring and development decisions.

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Reduce Risk

It is commonly acknowledged that interviews alone are not a good indicator of employee potential or performance. Psychometric assessment blends subjectivity (CV’s, interviews etc) and objectivity (scientific data) to reduce risk around hiring decisions.

Increase Certainty

Interviews, especially unstructured ones, are among the least valid of all screening methods. The chances of the interviewer’s ‘gut-feeling’ being accurate are only as good as rolling a dice. Psychometric assessment can reduce mistakes by supplementing subjective interviews with quantitative data. While it is easy to verify hard facts of professional qualifications and competency, analysing softer elements like motivation, conflict resolution capacity, leadership skills etc., is another matter. When a person is asked to assess these qualities, personal biases creep in unconsciously. Psychometric assessments address these biases.

Assess Potential

20% of your best employees will produce 80% of the results. Not many employees are highly able, socially skilled, and driven — but if you bet on those who are, which involves evaluating these qualities as accurately as you can, through interview and psychometric assessment, you will end up with a higher proportion of future stars who will contribute disproportionately to the organisation. Investing in those individuals will produce the highest ROI.


Nine out of ten organisations anticipate their competition for talent to increase. Today’s employees require proactive and regular interactions with their managers and expect their organizations to place a focus on implementing strong employee engagement initiatives. In order to engage, motivate and ultimately retain top talent, employers must first understand the underlying motivation and engagement styles of their employees. Psychometric Assessments can play an integral role in the overall of company Talent Management programmes.